Tico Mendoza

Music Festival Showcase

March 7-15, 2025 in Austin, TX


SXSW Music Festival Showcasing Artists can take advantage of career-changing showcase opportunities and unprecedented access to the amazing mix of influential industry participants who attend SXSW every year.

Please take a minute to refer to the Music Showcase FAQ for answers to common questions, including the 2025 Artist Payment and Badge policy.

Note: After careful consideration of our offerings, we are revising our sponsorship model. As a result, the US Army, and companies who engage in weapons manufacturing, will not be sponsors of SXSW 2025

Important details:

  • One official SXSW showcase performance is guaranteed per invited act
  • Showcase slots run an average of 40 minutes (some exceptions may apply)
  • Showcases will take place between March 10-15
  • SXSW does not cover artist travel or accommodation expenses
  • Some showcases may not provide backline
  • Official SXSW Artist Registration Packages include one additional SXSW Music Badge for the artist's manager

Music Showcase Applications are open to:

  • All music genres

  • Artists from around the world

  • Signed and unsigned artists

Additional Details:

  • If invited, showcasing artists will receive an Official SXSW Artist Registration Package, consisting of SXSW Artist Badges for each band member and one manager. The SXSW Artist Badge is a full SXSW Music Badge that provides each performer with the same access as a SXSW Music Badge, plus unique artist-only benefits. You will have primary access to official SXSW showcases, music industry-related conference programming, reserved hotel blocks, parties, artist-specific activations, networking opportunities, mentor sessions, and more (unless otherwise noted).
  • Domestic, U.S. acts can choose to receive monetary compensation ($400 total for full bands consisting of three or more performers or $175 total for a solo/duo act) in lieu of the Official SXSW Artist Registration Package. Payment is a one-time direct deposit for the act, not per member. Combinations are not permitted.
  • One official SXSW showcase performance is guaranteed per invited act.
  • Artists who are not U.S. residents are responsible for securing any necessary visas for entry into the United States. See our International Artists FAQ for more details.
  • All SXSW showcasing artists must agree to the SXSW Exclusivity Policy, which includes the following points:
    • As an Official SXSW Showcasing Artist, your official SXSW Showcase is your first performance priority.
    • Radius Clause: Most festivals have a radius clause that restricts an artist from performing within a certain radius of their event during a specific time frame (typically weeks to months) before and after it takes place. SXSW has a far more equitable exclusivity clause that allows for more opportunity to perform during the event, with one main exception: Official artists may not perform any unofficial/non-SXSW shows between the hours of 7pm and 2am CT (the “exclusivity window”) during festival dates. This requirement is in place specifically to protect official SXSW venues and artists, and to ensure the success of official showcases.
      • In-store performances at record stores and any radio and television performances under ten (10) minutes in length are not subject to this restriction.
      • While daytime/afterhours performances outside of the 7pm-2am showcase hours are generally not an issue, participation in events that SXSW deems to be a conflict and/or adversely affect SXSW is also not allowed.
      • Please note, artists who enter the U.S. with a non-work visa (such as a B Visa or via ESTA/Visa Waiver Program) are legally restricted to showcasing only at official SXSW events while in the country, whether the performance is paid or not.
    • Invited Artists will not take actions that undermine the success or inhibit attendance of their official SXSW showcase, including accepting invitations for an excessive number of non-SXSW shows. Such actions negatively impact SXSW artist performances, showcase attendance, and the overall quality of showcases.

Please note:

  • Important: The person listed as Primary Contact in the application should be someone authorized to respond on behalf of the applying artist and who frequently checks their email. Notifications from SXSW are sent to the Primary Contact's email address and require a timely response.
  • Invited artists do not need to purchase a SXSW credential to apply for, or take part in, a SXSW showcase. Artists who are not invited to showcase are able to purchase SXSW credentials at a discounted rate after notification of status, if they still wish to attend. There are no refunds if you've previously purchased a credential at a higher rate, or if you decide not to attend if you are not offered a showcase.
  • Within 48 hours of applying you will receive a confirmation email from SXSW. If you do not receive notification within 48 hours, please follow up by email to ensure your showcase application has been submitted properly and is under consideration.
  • To keep important SXSW emails from landing in your spam folder it's a good idea to add the following address to your contact list: musicfest@sxsw.com.

Please provide the information below to apply for a SXSW 2025 Music Festival Showcase. SXSW will review your application, and you will be notified of your invitation status on or before December 20, 2024.