Platinum Badge

March 13-22, 2015 in Austin, TX

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Photos by Jacob Weber

Music, Film, & Interactive Conferences & Festivals

Why limit yourself to one side of SXSW? Your 2015 Platinum registration provides you with nine days of access to all three portions of SXSW. Go BIG, Go Platinum!

  • Interactive Conference Programs
    IA Keynote Speakers, IA Sessions & Conversations, IA Mentor Sessions, IA Workshops, IA Startup Village, SXSW Accelerator
  • Film Conference Programs
    Film Keynote Speakers, Film Sessions & Conversations, Film Mentor Sessions, Film Workshops, Future 15s
  • Music Conference Programs
    Music Keynote Speaker, Featured Interviews, Music Sessions & Conversations, Music Mentor Sessions, Artist Clinics & Workshops, Music Startup Village
  • Film Festival Screenings, Premieres & Awards
  • Interactive Awards
  • Music Festival Showcases with Priority Access
  • Interactive Networking - IA Meet Ups, IA Parties & Lounges, SXsocial
  • Film Networking - Film Meet Ups, Film Parties & Lounges, SXsocial
  • Music Networking - Demo Listening & Pitch Sessions, Music Parties, SXsocial
  • SXSW Trade Show
  • Hotel Priority Booking & Booking Assistance
  • Digital Domain Programming
  • Film & Interactive Day Stage Programs
  • Radio & International Day Stage Programs
  • Music SXXpress Passes
  • Film SXXpress Passes
  • Festival Shuttle Access
  • Convergence Day
  • SXSW Comedy Showcases
  • SXsports Programming & Events
  • SXAméricas Programming & Events
  • Continuing Legal Education (CLE)
  • Closing BBQ & Softball Tournament