Art Proposal $75

March 8-17, 2019
Austin, TX

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Artist Ronen Sharabani stands with his SXSW Art Program installation, Conductors and Resistance, at SXSW 2018. Photo by Aaron Rogosin.

The SXSW Art Program showcases experiential and visual artworks that apply emerging technologies and immersive environments to spark discovery, inspiration and connection. Incorporated into the broader ecosystem of creativity and innovation at SXSW, the art program serves as a launching point for collaborations and discussions around the role of visual and digital media arts in culture, technology and the public realm.

Official selections of the SXSW Art program are chosen on the basis of their ability to enhance the landscape of the SXSW Conference and Festivals and bring inspiration, joy and discovery to attendees. We strive to showcase work from both emerging and established artists whose creative vision reflects the values of SXSW, including creativity, culture, storytelling and innovation.


All visual artists are eligible to enter their artwork to SXSW. This is open to studios, designers, and collectives in addition to individual artists. All entries are confidential and will not be shared outside of the review process.

The fee for an application completed by Thursday, September 20, 2018 is $25. On September 21, 2018, the application fee increases to $50. The final deadline to apply is October 11, 2018. You will be charged the rate listed at the time of final submission.

Review Process

The review process consists of an internal SXSW Art team review of each proposal in addition to an external review from our SXSW Advisory Board Members.

Selection and Display

SXSW will select installations to be displayed during 2019 SXSW, and provide up to $10,000 to each selected project for the completion of the SXSW Art Program project.

Additional Funding

Any additional funding from third parties that is needed for an applicant to display the work at SXSW beyond the money provided by SXSW will need to be approved by SXSW.


To enter your artwork, please fully complete the application via the cart. Leaving information blank may result in your entry not being processed.


The exhibition will be publicized regionally, nationally, and internationally in the SXSW schedule of events. SXSW reserves the right to use photographs or digital images of any selected work for the purpose of publicly.


SXSW will be showcasing the Art Program at several locations in Austin, Texas. Please select the type of location that is the most appropriate for your artwork proposal. If your artwork doesn’t fit into one of these locations please select “other” and describe your ideal location. SXSW will have final curatorial placement of installation(s) inside the dedicated spaces for art.

  • Indoor Space
    • 20’ x 20’ x 8’ - empty conference-style room
    • No drilling, no power tools, tacking or taping on the walls
    • No use of power tools onsite
    • No haze, smoke, or water machines
  • Outdoor Space
    • 20’ x 30’ - empty street space
  • Park Space
    • 20’ x 20’ - park land
    • No damage to park land
    • No vehicles in the park
    • No staking into the ground
    • No tethering things to trees or fences

Guidelines or Considerations for Proposals

  • Must provide visual representation of your installation
  • All basic safety considerations must be taken into account - no flames or flammable materials/gases, dangerous materials
  • For indoor space - no drilling, tacking, use of power tools, or taping on the walls
  • For Indoor space - no smoke, haze, or water based machines
  • For outdoor space - no damage to park property, no vehicles in park, no staking, no use of trees or fences within the park.
  • The Austin Fire Marshall will need to sign off on indoor designs and could require modification prior to approval. They will also do onsite inspection apart of their standard operating practices.
  • Depending on the construction of installation, an engineering stamp could be required
  • Assembly only onsite. All fabrication/hard construction will need to be finished prior to load in
  • Interactive installations are welcome