Platinum Badge $1695

Music, Film, & Interactive Conferences & Festivals

Photos by Mindy Best, Michael Buckner and Don Bender

Why limit yourself to one side of SXSW? Stay and play with us for all nine days! Your 2014 Platinum registration provides access to all three portions of SXSW-Music, Film, and Interactive. Go BIG, Go Platinum!

  • 9 Days of Film Festival Screenings & Premieres
  • 9 Days of Film, Interactive, Music Programming and Keynotes
  • 6 Nights of the SXSW Music Festival
  • 4 Days of SXSW Trade Show: The Exhibition for Creative Industries
  • 4 Days of Radio and International Day Stage Showcases
  • Unlimited Networking Opportunities
  • Interactive Awards and Pre-Party
  • SXSW Interactive Accelerator
  • Film Awards and Pre-Party
  • Featured Speakers and Q&A Sessions
  • Film One-on-One Mentor Sessions and Workshops
  • Music One-on-One Mentor Sessions and Workshops
  • All SXSW Interactive Programming, including Convergence Programming
  • SXSW Gaming Expo
  • Online SXsocial, Productivity and Networking Tools
  • Registrant Lounges
  • Demo Listening Sessions
  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)
  • SXSW Music Accelerator
  • Official Film, Interactive, Music Parties including all Opening, Closing and Intermission Parties
  • Closing BBQ and Softball Tournament
  • Film, Interactive, Music Registrant Big Bags
  • Flatstock Concert Poster Exhibition
  • Film, Interactive, Music Program Book/Registrants' Directories
  • Annual Subscription to SXSWorld Magazine (normally priced at $20)
  • SXXpress Pass (South by Express)
  • Music Gear Expo

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