Music Badge $795

Music Festival and Conference

Michael Kiwanuka. Photo by Dinesh Shankar

  • 6 Nights of the SXSW Music Festival
  • 5 Days of Music Panels, Keynotes, and Q&A Sessions
  • 4 Days of SXSW Trade Show: The Exhibition for Creative Industries
  • 4 Days of Radio and International Day Stage Showcases
  • Unlimited Networking Opportunities
  • Registrant Lounges
  • Online SXsocial, Productivity and Networking Tools
  • Official SXSW Music Parties
  • Closing BBQ and Softball Tournament
  • Demo Listening Sessions
  • Music One-on-One Mentor Sessions and Workshops
  • Music Registrant Big Bag
  • Music Program Book/Registrants' Directory
  • Continuing Legal Education Program (CLE)
  • Annual Subscription to SXSWorld Magazine (normally priced at $20)
  • Flatstock Concert Poster Exhibition
  • Music Gear Expo
  • SXXpress Pass (South by Express)

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